Ritual and Massage Candles


We are much more than an ethical, organic company making handcrafted luxury products. We are that – but we are also a brand with a big vision and a heartfelt mission to help our community bring beauty, meaning and positive transformation into their lives, through a myriad of ways, while creating positive environmental and social impact at every step of our supply chain. The candles are only our first range of products. We have teas, bath products and ritual kits in development. We will be curating artisan products from other makers around the world that have the same love and care woven through them as ours do. We will host live events for our community. We are also a digital hub of inspiring content and collaborations at the space where nature, spirituality and artisanal design meet, across three pillars: Spirituality + Self Care; Earth + Stewardship; Creativity + Connection. We know of no other brand occupying this intersection and holding the values and organic provenance that we do.

Our candles are the first luxury candles in the UK to be certified organic. They are also handmade at every stage. The beeswax is collected and processed by hand in the traditional way, by wild bee farmers in Africa. The porcelain vessles are each handmade by ceramicist Rebecca Wordsworth in her studio, which means only a limited number per week can be made. Our wax blend and unique fragrance blends have been developed by hand by our founder, Jess, in Hackney. Over many months and many iterations, she has alchemised the perfect wax blend, wick and fragrance combinations to give the best fragrance throw (how far the scent extends) and be safe for skin (Lune and Gaia are massage candles as well as regular candles).

Yes. We are delighted to say that our candles are certified organic by the Soil Association. Organic provenance is an essential part of our mission.

Once melted, the oil/wax blend in our Lune and Gaia candles is safe to rub into skin, giving yourself a warm oil massage. We like to light the candle while we have a bath then use the melted oil afterwards instead of moisturiser. Never pour wax out of the container while the candle is still alight. On first burn, allow the top layer of wax to melt completely before extinguishing. Please note, Solaris is not a massage candle.

Our refills will be available soon. Keep the porcelain vessel from your first candle safe, and sign up below to be notified as soon as our refills are available.

The secret is for it to burn evenly, so that it burns all the way down and no wax is wasted. Two things are crucial for this. 1: On first use, burn your candle for a minimum of two hours to melt the whole surface of the wax. 2: Trim the wick (once cooled) to 1/4″ to 1/2″ before you next light it, remove any bloom (fluffy bits at the top), and don’t let burnt bits of the wick fall into the wax. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Once your candle has vaporised, you can either refill it with our refills or reuse the vessel for something else (e.g. keeping make-up brushes in). First scoop out any remaining wax (put the vessel in the freezeer for two hours to make the wax brittle) then remove the wick holder with a sharp knife or boiling water.

We support charities across animal welfare, human rights, and protecting and healing the planet. Currently these are: Compassion in World Farming, RSPCA, PETA, Wild at Heart, Galgos del Sol, Candy Cane Rescue, Women for Women International, Centrepoint, Survival International, Wildlife Trust, Regenerative Organic Alliance, RSPB and Rewilding Britain. We will also be developing unique partnerships with our growers, and setting up our own foundation to support the many charities our founder Jess is passionate about.

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