Create your own Easter tree

Create your own ester tree

Easter egg trees have hundreds of years of history, especially in Germany where they’re known as Ostereierbaum – the tradition of decorating the branches of trees and bushes with eggs, and on cut branches inside. Eggs have long been a symbol of rebirth and it’s a wonderful way to invite spring into your home.

I have enjoyed decorating eggs before but this is the first year to attempt a tree, and it makes a lovely centrepiece for a dining table or nature table. The whole family can get involved.

What you will need:

Find some fallen branches or cut some from a tree – you can use any kind of thin branch, but if it’s in bud or with blossom even better. Always use common sense regarding foraging any plant and ask the tree for its blessing before you do so.

Arrange these in a vase with water and add some spring flowers too as a special extra… daffodils look lovely.

Gather your crafting materials as follows:

Your choice of eggs to decorate:
We used a range of real eggs – lighter in colour looks best I think so duck eggs or light chicken eggs work well. Empty their contents by making a pin hole in both ends and blowing into a bowl (perfect for making a meal of scrambled eggs!) plus use some wooden eggs. You could also use papier machΓ©, or very young children may find it easier to make flat eggs using card.

Paints + brushes:
We used acrylics for the brighter colours and watercolours for a more subtle wash

Pressed flowers:
Press your own choice of flowers beforehand in a flower press or heavy book, or find a wonderful selection to buy from various sellers on Etsy

Gold leaf:
A favourite of mine and elevates any crafting project!

Hanging material:
You will need some ribbon, twine or yarn to hang the eggs (you can also buy wooden eggs, already strung)

Simple crafting glue like Modge Podge works well with the flowers and gold leaf but if you have a glue gun this will make it easier when it comes to fixing the hanging on to the egg

Now for the fun, select your materials and create your own works of art in a range of designs, ideas include:

πŸ₯š Pressed flowers and leaves, with or without a painted background and added gold leaf
πŸ₯š Speckled eggs in pastel hues and flecked with gold
πŸ₯š Spots and stripes

Once they are dry, you can attach the hanging using just ribbon wrapped around the egg – but this is fiddly and the most simple fixing is to glue gun a button on to the top of the egg after threading the ribbon through the holes

Hang your eggs artfully and enjoy your display!

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