Allow your heart’s intuition to guide you towards true happiness and your soul purpose

Sacred Space founder Jess Ince has run a rewarding creative events agency for 15 years, including creating wellbeing programming for major global companies. Alongside this she has explored her passions for fragrance, food and ancient wisdom traditions, studying natural perfumery, healing nutrition (including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), and qualifying as a holistic health coach.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, Jess listened to her heart’s calling to create a soul-led, ethical business that integrates her training and passions in order to serve other women in their search for fulfilment. Since her own transformative journey to motherhood, Jess is particularly passionate about supporting and empowering women around birth and post-partum to nurture their babies, family and wider communities through a deeper connection to the wisdom of the earth and our ancestors.


Sacred Space is a dream born from my life-long fascination with the relationship between plant energetics, how we experience them through our different senses and the elements, our planet and the cosmos – throughout all of which we find the same sacred patterns repeated.

It wasn’t until I experienced personal tragedy, however, when I lost my son Arlo Swift at 29 weeks to a rare brain haemorrhage, that I fully embarked on my own transformative journey of self-discovery and healing.

Jess Ince

The Story of our products

African Beeswax

Our candles are made with organic beeswax from forest beekeepers in Zambia, Cameroon and Ethiopia. A huge number of bees live and thrive in these forests as the trees produce abundant nectar and pollen. Our supplier works with small-scale beekeepers who use traditional methods, free from pesticides, chemical residues, antibiotics or veterinary medicines. They extract the wax flakes from the honeycombs and process it by hand using traditional methods into slabs of pure golden organic beeswax ready for export.

Essential oils + Plants + Herbs

Our essential oils come from the UK’s leading supplier of organic herbs and botanicals, pioneers of organic, sustainable and fair trade herb sourcing. Their herbs are grown in a biodynamic herb field in Somerset as well as other countries from Bosnia to Madagascar where they trade fairly and ethically with the farmers. All our herbs are farmed organically, using methods that support greater biodiversity of birds, bees and animals, avoid use of herbicides and artificial fertilisers, help to mitigate climate change by keeping more carbon in the soil and out of the atmosphere, and improve soil health.

Artisan Vessels

Our porcelain containers are handmade by ceramicist Rebecca Wordsworth at her studio in a converted dairy in rural Somerset. … Handprinted with iron oxides, gold lustre etc? They are refillable – talk here about how our refill service works.


Our biodegradable packaging cylinder is made from mushrooms and it’s grown, not manufactured. It is mycellium, the root network of mushrooms – a material that is infinitely available. A reusable mould is 3D printed using a renewable biopolymer, then it’s filled with agricultural waste (e.g. hemp and flax husks) plus water and the mycelium, which binds it all together. It takes a week for the structure to grow and become strong. It’s then dried and becomes structurally stable. After being used to package our candles, you can reuse it as storage (e.g. make-up brushes or kitchen utensils) or break it into pieces for use in composting.

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