Organic, artisan-made, ethical products – sprinkled with magic!


Sacred Space is a collective of empowered changemakers inspring positive personal transformation and global change through a deeper connection with our innate wise woman and the healing powers of the natural world. 


We share beautiful, ethical, artisan-made creations using wild and organic plants alongside life-enhancing wisdom, all designed to bring beauty, meaning and sacred moments into your home and heal your body, soul and the planet for our children to inherit.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman”

Dalai Lama

What we VALUE and believe


Mother Earth
We are for all lovers of beauty seeking and honouring a deeper connection to the wonders of nature. This is represented in our mandala by the seven-pointed stars, the cosmos and the universal energy which connects us all.

We celebrate the divine feminine and the transformational time of motherhood through self-care rituals and sensorial beauty. This is represented in our mandala by the moon, one half of the sacred union of yin and yang, soul intuition, body wisdom and the cosmic mother.

Calling all truth seekers inspired by the wisdom and rituals of ancient cultures, to become at one with nature and your higher self. This is represented by our mandala, the infinite universe and personal spiritual journey.


Reconnecting with our roots to restore biodiversity, rebuild soil’s organic matter, reverse climate change and keep eco-systems in balance. This is represented in our mandala by the tree roots, symbolising connection to mother earth’s vital life force.

Spiritual vision combined with radical action to be a changemaker in healing and preserving the planet. This is represented in our mandala by the eye, symbolising witnessing, transparency and guidance, and the interlocking vesica piscis depicting sacred balance and exchange of energy.

Harnessing the power of wild and organic herbs, oils and plant medicines to holistically nourish your mind, body and soul. This is represented in our mandala by the sun, the Divine Father’s life-giving energy.


Bringing beauty into your everyday spaces through artisanal design and craftmanship. This is represented in our mandala by father sun’s creative force and human hands symbolising honest craftsmanship.

Rediscovering the wisdom of our elders and our children, conscious parenting, and healing the stories passed through the generations. This is represented in our mandala by the bodhi tree, symbol of growth, birth, rebirth and enlightenment.

Providing a space for all soul sisters to come together in a conscious community to open your hearts, step into your power and share your magic. This is represented in our mandala by the four elements: the air we breathe, the fire of transformation, the water essential for life, and the earth upon which we must tread carefully as keepers for generations to come.



Human Rights

Animal Welfare


The secret of your success is in your daily routine
Energy flows where attention goes
Your direction is more important than your speed
Progress over perfection every day
Find what brings you joy and go there
Let it go, let it flow
Put space between things
You are a swirling vortex of limitless potential here to create something the universe has never seen
Your vibe attracts your tribe Children are our mirrors and greatest teachers
It only takes one person in a family to create new patterns and end generational trauma
Grief is just love with nowhere to go
The words you speak become the house you live in
Stay close to people who feel like sunshine
Make the ordinary come alive and the ordinary will take care of itself
What you seek is seeking you
Everything you want is on the other side of fear
You’re never fully dressed without a smile
We’re all in this together
Expect miracles
This space is sacred

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