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A note from Jess

You may like to know a little about me, my own birth experience and my training in nutrition. 

When I became pregnant with my second baby I discovered The First Forty Days by Heng Ou, about reviving the art of caring for a new mother with 40 days of nourishing foods, Traditional Chinese Medicine, rest and baby bonding.

Throughout the fourth trimester I followed advice that is common throughout traditional cultures: eat healing foods, stay warm and get lots of rest.

The care a new mother receives in the first 40 days will impact her life and health for the next 40 years, so it’s crucial we replenish the life force we have expended. 

It made my experience very different to many other new mothers I spoke to, and I wanted to learn more. So when my daughter was three months old, I embarked on an amazing course with the Academy of Healing Nutrition.

It encompassed everything I feel passionate about, combining traditional wisdom from different cultures around the world with practical cooking demos, and I qualified as a holistic health coach. 

Many societies, such as China and India, still today regard the first 6-12 weeks after birth as a sacred time; a time to surround a new mama with love and support, intuitively using food as medicine.

I believe that reintegrating this knowledge, passed through the generations – combined with modern medicine – is the key to the safest, healthiest and most enjoyable, holistic postpartum experience :dizzy:

Even long after having babies, armed with the right knowledge we can all be medicine women and empower ourselves and our families every day :cherry_blossom: 

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